Saturday 9 March 2019

Problems updating other suppliers.

A couple of framers have contacted me recently with problems trying to update mouldings from a supplier's list.
At first glance everything looked good.
The file was ".xls".
The headings were all correct.
There were no blanks in the list.
The worksheet was titled "gen"

Looking more closely I noticed that one of the files contained apostrophes in the description (why?).

While the other had the width as a decimal. (The last column in the screenshot).

Both of these things will cause the update to fail.

The solution?
For now you will need to edit the data from within Excel.
In the first instance (the apostrophes), in Excel, select the column, click on "Find & Select", then "Replace" and follow the prompts.

For the second (the Width as a decimal number), select the column, click on "Number". It will be shown as "General", change this to "Number". Then click twice on "Decrease Decimal" (see below)

The numbers will change to integers (ie. no decimal point).
Save the file, and all should be well.

The next version of the the program (look out for version 4.4.7 in the next few weeks) will handle all this automatically.

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