Saturday 19 February 2022

Pricing App - Importing a moulding file

 Just recently I've had to update the Pricing App to take account of the new Android versions - the old code for importing a mouldings file no longer worked on the newer versions (11 and beyond). So, you will notice that the import mouldings screen looks a bit different (App version 2.2.5 and beyond).

A bit of background to start with. The App can price frames using two different ways of getting the data it needs for the moulding part of the cost. 

The simplest is a price code - this begins with "#" and contains numbers and a letter, eg. #56G (the cost per metre/foot, and the width) This is fine for working out the cost, but it doesn't identify the individual moulding (mouldings with the same width and cost have the same code).

The second method is to use a csv file to list individual mouldings and their data. "csv" stands for comma separated values. It is a very simple file which you could open with Excel (or other spreadsheet program) and edit yourself. The file can list a particular supplier's mouldings or (if you use the Wessex Pricing Program for pc all the mouldings in your database). The good thing about this way of pricing is that it identifies an individual moulding and use a code that you will be familiar with.

But either of these methods needs to be kept upto date. With the csv file it means importing a new file periodically. First of all you need the download the file onto your device, either go the the supplier's website a download the file from there (if they have one) or email yourself with the file attached and download the attachment.

Now, on the App tap "Settings", then "Misc. Values". Tap "Import Mouldings File" and you will see a screen like this -

Select the "Download" folder (where the arrow is pointing) and you will then be shown all the text type files in that folder. (Nb. It may take a few seconds for the file to appear.)

All the downloaded csv files will be listed there. Tap the one you want to use and it will be imported into the App. If you make a mistake simply go back and import the correct one.


Note - 
  • The csv file can be called anything (it used to have to be called "mouldings", no longer). 
  • If you download a file with the same name several times it will be titled name, name(1), name(2) etc. in the Download folder.
  • The list of files has the date by them to help identify the one you want.