Tuesday 13 January 2015

Another New Year - More new features

I've been working on some new features in the program (WPP4) for the latest version which is about to be released (4.3.2).
There are two major new features -

The first is the ability to work with a picture size, rather than a rebate size. (But don't worry, you can still go on using the program in exactly the same way if you are happy with the way things were.)

The way it works is like this. If there is no mount then we are using rebate size anyway, so nothing changes. If there is a mount then we can enter the picture size (the size of the mount opening), make a mount selection and then enter a margin. 

(Note that the dimension label has changed from "Rebate Size" to "Picture Size")
This is useful if the customer is unsure about the margin they want.
The program can work out what the actual rebate will be (it assumes even margins all round) and so still tell the amount of moulding needed etc.

The other feature is the ability to print the staff member issuing the invoice on the paperwork.

Very useful if there is a query on a workticket.
The staff names can be entered in "Setup" > "Customise Labels". If there are no names, then the program doesn't show a list. (Note - this is only available on the Full version)

I have also taken the opportunity to improve some of the error messages, as well as getting the program to behave more nicely if it is transferred to a new computer.

So, keep an eye on www.wessexpictures.com for the update (4.3.2) which should be posted in the next couple of weeks (13/01/15).