Sunday 16 December 2018

Great Idea

Often clients have ideas for new features or behaviour for the Pricing Program (pc) or the Pricing App. Sometimes I've already tried the idea and found that it is not feasible. Other times it's a good idea but would take a lot of time to implement, or it would be too complex.
But sometimes there is an idea that is a "lightbulb" moment and is quite straightforward to code.

One such was a framer who was taking a screenshot each time he issued a price (very easy to do with Android), but he noticed that the pop-up message with the price was covering the moulding box (see below).

He asked could the pop-up be moved so the Moulding ID could be seen?
The immediate answer was "No", but thinking around the problem I realised that all I needed to do was to add the Moulding ID to the message (as below).

So, App version 2.1.2 was born.
A screenshot is a very simple way of recording a price, and has a title such as -
This gives you the exact date and time the price was issued.
You can see the size, the price and the moulding (you'd still need to note the mount colour, glass type and so on). Perhaps you could get that info. by taking a photo of the work with the samples in place.

Who needs databases?!

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