Monday 2 October 2023

New for 2023

 It's been nearly a year since the last update to the Wessex Pricing Program, there haven't been any embarrassing glitches revealed (phew!) so this new update sorts out some features that were fine originally but now feel rather "clunky". 

The new update is version 4.4.15 (you can check your version by going to "Help" > "About" on the main program screen).

The first change is - instead of the measurement system (Mm. Cm. or Inches) being shown as three separate selections below the dimension boxes, it is now in one box next to them. Simply click the box to change.

The next change is  to the collection dates. The collection date is derived from the turnaround time (in days) set in "Setup" > "Options"  and selecting the "Turnaround" tab. 
Previously if the collection date worked out to be a Sunday then that date would be moved on to a Monday. Now you can set the days of the week that you are closed and any collections for those days are moved on.

The messages printed at the bottom of the invoice have been made easier to change. Go to "Setup" > "Options" and select the "Print" tab.
You can choose to hide the collection date, just show the date, or show the date and a short message. 
In addition you can set a footer message of up to 115 characters. 

The final new feature is when you view an individual work ticket, by holding the mouse over the moulding Id you can see some information about that moulding, this now includes the current amount in stock. (This assumes you keep your moulding stock up to date.) Also this stock amount is printed on the work ticket.
Hope you find the updates useful. 😊