Monday 13 May 2019


Just in time for the Roadshows we've released the latest version of Wessex Professional.
The changes and new features are really down to the fantastic response from the users of the program.

Version 4.4.7, new features

  1. Error in "Guest" moulding pricing corrected. The price calculation when using the Guest moulding option did not include wastage. So, if you priced a frame with a moulding from the database and then, using the same width & cost figures, with the Guest method, you would get two different prices.
  2. Error in "Moulding needed" ("Tools">"Manage Database">"Mouldings">"Views">"Mouldings Needed"). Now shows correct amount of moulding needed for current jobs
  3. Updating mouldings from an Excel file is now more user friendly.
  • The problems mentioned in the previous post are all sorted out.
  • If a moulding has been discontinued, previously it would just be marked as such. Now, if it has not been used in any work tickets, it is deleted. If it has been used then the record is marked "Discontinued". This avoids "clutter" in the mouldings records.
  • Visually you can now see the numbers of records updated, added, deleted & discontinued as the update is taking place. 
The option to update from a supplier other than Wessex or Frinton is now a dropdown list of the existing suppliers in the database. This is to minimise errors (spelling, or calling the same supplier by two different names).
However this does mean that if you want to add mouldings from a completely new supplier you will have to create one new record manually ("Tools">"Manage Database">"Mouldings", then click "File">"New Record"). This will then add that supplier to the dropdown list.

4. Two new database utilities have been added. These can be found in "Setup">"Options" and select the database tab, click "Database Utilities" (at the top left of the tab). NB. It is wise to have made a backup of your database before making any changes.

  • You can now change the Supplier name in all of that supplier's records. this can be useful not only if the supplier has changed their name, but also if you have listed the supplier under different names, ie. R&H and Rose & Hollis, (the program treats these as different suppliers).
  • You can now zero the "moulding used" figure in the moulding records. Useful if you want see see the most used mouldings each year. (Previously this was a read only figure).
5. When "Editing" or "Adding" a moulding record you can choose from a list of existing suppliers in the database, or add a new one.

Hope you feel, as I do, that the changes make the program more productive and user-friendly - enjoy!

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