Wednesday 2 November 2022

Version 4.4.14 - a bit of housekeeping

 You've probably seen that a new version of the Wessex Pricing Program is now released (ver. 4.4.14). 

So, what's new?

Really, it's a bit of tidying up, sorting out some things I've been meaning to get around to.

  • Making sure that apostrophes are now displayed and printed correctly. Previously they were shown as double apostrophes (ie. O'Brian was O''Brian).
  • Correcting as error in Extra Cost where multiple Extra Costs, some including VAT and some not, were incorrectly totalled. 
  • The "Moulding Needed" function now takes account of inner mouldings. It also gives better user-feedback while the records are being processed.
  • When a supplier's mouldings are being updated the program now checks to see if the supplier's update file is already open and prompts to close it. (Previously an unhandled error.)
  • If there is an error on opening the supplier's update .xls file - program suggests checking that the worksheet is correctly titled "gen".
  • The Mouldings Needed list and the Jobs list now prints item line in colour (as the list on the screen) not all black text as previously.
Didn't know you could have multiple Extra Costs? Yes, you can, just be sure to rename the Extra Costs to something else (ie. "3 apertures" or "Special Mount") and don't repeat that name. When you select "Extra Cost" the program looks to see if the same name has already been entered in the Sundries list. You are not allowed to select the same item twice, as this would be a definite cause for confusion.

If you haven't already done it - head over to Pricing Program | Wessex Pictures | Picture Framing Wholesaler and download the "Free 30 day Trial" and (having backed up your database and labels/values files) and install this latest version (don't worry, the program will know that you are an existing user).