Sunday 5 January 2020

"Nothing will come of nothing!"

I always wanted to use a Shakespeare quote for a title (it's from King Lear, but I'm sure you knew that)!
It is quite relevant to a couple of  problems people have had recently.
I had two App users contact me with the same symptom - the moulding element of the price was coming out at zero. You can test this by just putting in the dimensions and a moulding code, then hitting Total Price.
At first I was quite perplexed, but chatting on it seemed they had wanted to know the cost of the frame without any markup  (basically, how much would the materials cost?).
So, quite understandably, they had entered "0"  as the moulding markup.
There is the explanation straightaway - the App (and the Desktop program) multiply the wholesale moulding cost by the markup to get the frame cost (and then, if the figure is greater than zero, add on a cutting & joining charge). Of course any number multiplied by 0 is 0.
So, if you want to see the bare moulding cost you will need to put 1 as the moulding markup.