Wednesday 16 November 2016

Top Tips for Using the Mouldings.csv file in the App

In the last post about the Framers Pricing App I suggested that things could be kept simple and the Mouldings.csv file didn't have to be used at all.
However, it needn't be too complicated to use the file if you follow these top-tips.

  • If you have opened the file in Excel (or other spreadsheet program) to edit it - it must be saved as a .csv file (choose "save as" from the file menu).
  • The file must be titled "Mouldings.csv" (no quotes). Problems can occur if you have downloaded the file a number of times because then you get Mouldings.csv, Mouldings(1).csv etc. etc. So you'd need to delete the old files and rename the most recent one back to Moulding.csv.
  • Make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the Moulding Id column (headed "Reference" (though the very latest upgrade does sort this out).
  • Check that there are 5 columns in the file - labeled "Reference", "Description", "Price/mtr", "Width" and "Waste" (in that order).
  • Only the columns "Reference", "Price/mtr", and "Width" need have data in them.
  • If you are copying the file to the device's "Download" folder via a usb cable from a pc or mac you will need to turn off "usb storage" (or disconnect the cable) in order to be able to import the file into the App. 
Of course the really easy way is to use the "Wessex Professional" (wpp4) program to create the file for you, ("File"  > "Create Mouldings.csv") from the mouldings listed in your database in that program.