Thursday 24 September 2020

Why buy Wessex Professional?

 Of course, I think Wessex Professional is the best pricing and job organization program that picture framers can buy, but then I would, wouldn't I?

In case that doesn't convince you here are some hard reasons to use Wessex Professional rather than any other system.

  • User-friendly interface. Because the program has been designed by a professional framer it is an unobtrusive tool to use while talking with the customer and recording a sale. (Your attention needs to be on your client, not a computer).

  • Gives you complete control of your prices. The way Wessex Professional works out a price (the algorithm) is transparent and easy to understand. I believe that it is important for framers to take responsibility and set their own prices, which will reflect the business in their area.
  • Can use any suppliers' mouldings. You can create database records for mouldings from any supplier - not solely Wessex Pictures (in fact you don't have to have any Wessex records at all - but don't tell Wessex that!)
  • Easy set up. I won't deny that you will need to spend some time setting up the program to give the prices you want. But the process is simple and you can start off with some suggested values which can then be adjusted. Be suspicious of any system that claims to work out of the box. 
  • Cost. £295 + vat - you own the program, it will very quickly save you money over those systems that are rented or leased.
  • On as many computers as you like. Wessex Professional can be networked for use with more than one computer. At no extra cost.
  • Free Updates and Support. Updates to the program (once or twice a year) are free. These often include features suggested by other framers. Help and support is also free. If you cannot find the answer in the program's Help files then a call to Wessex will get the problem sorted out.
  • The Data stays on your system. The program does not need an internet connection, your data files are on your computer system (which you control).
  • Proven System. The pedigree of Wessex Professional goes back to 2004, when we released The Wessex Pricing Program (WPP1). It was a simple price calculator, the precursor of the current sophisticated program.  
You don't even have to take my word for it - download the free 30 day trial and see for yourself.

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