Thursday 17 September 2020

What I did in lockdown

Part of my lockdown was coding the latest ideas for Wessex Professional. A couple of months testing after we reopened and the result is a new version of the program (ver. 4.4.9). 

So what's new?

  • When an invoice is saved you can now see how many items are scheduled for collection on that date (and so you can change the date if necessary).

  • The Location function has been improved. You can enter a location straightaway and also search the workticket list by Location ("Tools" > "Manage Database" > "Views" > "List by Item"). This is very handy if you send work off-site. It could also be used track work given to individual members of staff. In fact I nearly relabelled it "Anything-Else-You-Want"! (You have upto 20 characters to play with). In effect it is a user-defined searchable parameter added to the job record.

  • Because I been a framer for some time I know that there is always something new, or something that only occurs once in a blue moon, so the Wessex Pricing Programs have always had an option to include an "Extra Cost". Now you can directly label that Extra Cost (upto 15 characters). So the reason for the cost is clearer, both for you and the customer.

As always - before you install the new version take a copy of your database (V3.mdb) and labels/values file (User.xml) just in case!

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