Thursday 6 January 2022

Download woes

 Computer security has improved vastly in the last few years. Systems really don't want us to do anything that might cause trouble. For instance if your browser sees you are trying to download a file it doesn't recognize and which has the potential for unwanted consequences it will try and stop you.

I noticed this when I was checking that the correct file for the latest Wessex Pricing Program had been put on the Wessex website.

I'm using Microsoft Edge (so other browsers may be different) when I downloaded the Free Trial (SetupWPP4_4_12.msi) I noticed that there was a yellow triangle against that file in the downloads list.

 Looking directly in the Downloads folder in File Explorer it was labelled as "Unconfirmed download".

So, back to Edge. At the right side of the toolbar is the download list. Select "SetupWPP4_4.msi" and you will notice 3 small dots to the right. Click on those and select "Keep". 

Then yet another warning message appears. This time above the Delete button select "Show more" and then click on "Keep anyway".

You are now treated as an adult and can run the file!

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