Friday 4 June 2021

Yet another new version - what's that all about?

 It was only a month ago that 4.4.10 was made available to download, and now there is 4.4.11. So what's going on?

I'll put my hand up and say that some "issues" had been found in the previous version. This new download sorts them out.

  • An issue when the program was networked - it was possible for different computers to issue invoices with the same number.
  • Extra Cost - if the Extra Cost "includes vat" box was ticked the full extra cost was shown on the main form, rather than the net amount. However the final price was accurate.
  • If the box to record the amount of deposit was left blank, then the program would throw up an error. Now it assumes you meant that customer did not pay a deposit (ie. 0).
  • Searching through the Customers - the surnames were displayed in alphabetical order, but not necessarily the initials.
Hopefully, now we're back on track to issue updates every 9 -12 months again.

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