Monday 29 May 2017


As with many things to do with computers the Wessex Pricing Program has a few things that are not immediately obvious. Our transatlantic cousins call these "Gotchas". I thought I'd list the most frequent together with the solutions.

  1. Trying to update the moulding records by clicking "Import Database" - Be careful! "Import Database" will (if you ignore the warnings) overwrite the whole of your existing database. Make sure you click "Update Mouldings" instead.
  2. Running a moulding update correctly, but the records have stayed the same. - When you download the update file from Wessex it is saved in Downloads as "WessexMouldings" (or "FrintonMouldings"), If you download a new update file it is saved as "WessexMouldings(1)", "WessexMouldings(2)" and so on. However the moulding update process will only allow you to import "WessexMouldings" ie. the original one. The answer - delete all but the most recent update file and Rename that to "WessexMouldings" (or "FrintonMouldings").
  3. An error message "......You don't have permission to access this file......." when the program tries to read the database. - The easy solution is to run the program as administrator. Right-click the shortcut and choose "Run as administrator". Note the program does not normally need administrator rights to run, the problem seems to occur when the User Account Type is changed.
  4. An error message on startup ".....Root element is missing ......" - Make sure you have upgraded the program to version 4.4.2 or higher.

Easy really?

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