Sunday 2 October 2016

Using the App - Keep it simple!

The Framers Pricing App is intended as a simple, versatile app for Android devices. It works out the price in the same way as the Wessex Professional pc program.
Wessex Professional can also create a file of the mouldings it is using, which can then be imported into the App to sync. the 2 systems.

However it isn't really necessary to go the trouble of dealing with a computer file and all the associated problems of formatting and importing.

The App can use a much simpler system to show the cost of a frame.

Because it isn't essential for the App to identify an individual moulding in order to give a price. It is very straightforward to use a code to give the information the App needs.
Tap "Settings", then "Get Moulding Code".
You'll be asked to enter the width and the wholesale cost of the moulding. The resulting code will be in the form "#45E". Write this on the chevron.

You can now use the code to price up a frame. The "#" tells the App that you are using this system. The numbers represent the cost of the moulding, and the letter the width (so the App can allow for the mitres).
Points to remember -
  • All mouldings with the same width and the same price will have the same code.
  • It is wise to check that the code is still correct each time an invoice arrives.

So, I suggest (unless you need to sync. with another system) use this method for the mouldings part of the pricing - you'll avoid a lot of faff.

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