Saturday 24 October 2015

3 Steps to Heaven (well actually 8)

Sometimes I realise that I can get too close to the program and just assume that everyone knows the basics. So, it is probably useful to go through the steps that you'd do day in and day out.

  1. Give the customer a price.
  2. Customer agrees the price.
  3. Add the price, together with description etc, to the invoice.
  4. If the customer has another item - go to 1 (Click "Clear" to get rid of the previous price).
  5. Save the invoice. This is where you enter the customer details, collection date and so on.
  6. Print the Invoice and WorkTicket(s).
  7. When the job is complete "Edit" the WorkTicket and tick "Completed"..
  8. When the job is collected "Edit" the WorkTicket again and tick "Collected".
Notes -
  • "Tools" > "Manage Database" > "WorkTickets" and select "Views" > "Work for Completion". This will show the work you need to do in the order you should be doing it.
  • On any of the WorkTicket lists you can double-click on an individual record to bring up the full details and be able to print (reprint) the invoice/workticket.
  • You can bring up all of a customer's jobs by (in the WorkTicket list) selecting "Find Record" and the "Find Records by -" box initially shows "Invoice Number". Click the downward pointing arrow and select "Name".

Get into the habit of working this way and you'll notice a real difference in the way you're organized with no more customers you've "forgotten" about turning up surprising you!

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