Sunday 26 April 2015

Business as usual

After 2 or 3 frustrating days of trying to get the program download link to work correctly on the new Wessex Pictures website, things are now back as they should be (thanks to Martin).
It does focus on the question I'm often asked - "Whereabouts do I download the latest version of the program?"
The answer is to go to the "30 Day Trial" and download that.
When you run the install the program will recognize if you have enabled the program and will simply apply the updated files (but make sure you have made a copy of the database and user files, just-in-case!).
On the other hand if you are trying out the program then you'll be allowed to use it for 30 days from the time you run it. After that the program is disabled, BUT any the database and values/labels files are still there ready to be used when the program is enabled.
So now you know.

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