Thursday 18 September 2014

The only way is App!

At the beginning of the year with the support of Wessex Pictures it was decided to make the Wessex Pictures App more international and put it on Google Play. After all why should the UK get all the good things!
The original App needed a bit of modification, for instance it was obvious that a choice between Metric & Imperial units would be needed. This proved to be quite intricate, but I got there in the end, together with some other changes (I love the logo).

The result means that framers around the world can have a pricing system on a phone or a tablet and take their business out of their premises and into the wide world.
So, have a look at the App's very own website ( or even go straight to the Google Play page (

Is this going to be a game-changer for framers and accurate pricing?
What do you think?

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