Sunday 20 January 2013

Some changes in ver. 4.2.4

It's that time of year again, just before the NEC and I've just finished putting together the latest version of the Wessex Pricing Program (4.2.4).
It contains the latest Wessex & Frinton lists as well as some tweaks that make the program easier to use. The main ones being - better deposit information, and in the Customer records, details for how much the customers has spent, how many jobs etc.
I've made a small, but interesting change to the way the program works out the price of multiple items. Users may have noticed that 2 items are not always double a single item (eg one frame = £24.44, two frames = £48.89). This is because the program works out the price of one frame to many decimal places, then multiples by the number required and THEN rounds to the nearest penny. (eg. one frame = 24.44401,this equals £24.44. But two frames = 48.88802 this rounds to £48.89) Working out the price this way is the most accurate but not the most logical to us humans.
The effect is even more noticeable if the framer is using the "Whole Pounds" option. Using the above figures - one frame = 24.44401 equals £25. But two frames would equal £49.
So, now all that is changed, by rounding the price to the nearest penny for the first frame and then multiplying by the number required. Leaving us with I hope a more user friendly experience.

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