Thursday 16 December 2010

A year of Wessex Professional

Well, with the new year looming and the showcase of the 2011 SpringFair at the NEC just over the horizon it seems a good time to review how things have gone with Wessex Professional that was released at the SpringFair 2010.
I'm pleased to say that the program has been very well received with comments and suggestions all positive ones. The feedback I get from clients really does help to make the program easier to use and smooths any rough edges. It also sorts out any mistakes or glitches too.

As an example, the version of the program to be shown at the NEC will be 4.1.2. These last changes came from a conversation with a client who uses the "Guest" moulding facility a lot.
For those who haven't come across this feature - if the moulding is not in the database the user can type "Guest" in the moulding box and a form will appear (when "Total Price" is clicked) asking for the width and price/mt. to use. The program can then work out the cost as usual.

Because I don't use this very often I hadn't really thought out the process and had ended up with something that was a bit "clunky".
The client pointed out that the amount of the Guest moulding needed wasn't printed on the workticket and that if you changed something on the main form you had to enter the Guest details all over again each time you clicked "Total Price".
She also revealed that there was a discrepancy between the quantity shown through the main form and that shown on the workticket. Oh, and by the way it would be good if when you started entering the customer details at various points in the program the name shown was at the top of the list (rather than the bottom) so you could see if you had more that one of the same name in the database, (fairly obvious with "Smith" or "Jones" but less so with, say, "Younger").

After getting over the "Why didn't I think of that?" A fortnight later the a new version of the program was made that - Corrected the quantity problem, showed the Guest quantity on the workticket, made it so you didn't have to enter Guest details over and over, put the customer name you were seeking at the top of the list and, while I was about it, I made it so if you were scrolling through the worktickets or mouldings and selected a record after you closed that record you are now returned to where you had scrolled to, rather than the top of the list. Phew!

I really feel that I can go on the stand at the NEC in Feb. and say that Wessex Professional is the best, most straightforward, most user-friendly pricing/database program for framers on the market today.

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