Saturday 25 June 2016

Ch - Ch - Changes

A new version of the Wessex Pricing Program has been released (ver. 4.4.0). So what are the changes?
The main ones are to help the program run better on a Mac computer.

The print functions now work correctly. The problem stemmed from the "GraphicsUnits" used by the program (they are the co-ordinates that tell the printer where to print on the paper). These units needed to be changed to ones that both Mac & Windows understood.
The "HowTo" videos in the "Help" section have been changed from "wmv", a Windows format, to "mp4", a format both systems understand.

There are two other changes.
You can now list work-for-completion by item. So, you can see all the jobs that need Conservation Glass, for instance. Very useful for planning your work ahead.
The Footer message at the bottom of the invoice is now increased to 115 characters/spaces (from 50).

Head over to the Wessex website to download and remember to take copies of your Database and Labels/Values file (v3.mdb & user.xml) before you run the file, just in case!

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